It has been seven months since I asked the question, “Can God Count on the black Preacher?” I heard about this story on the very helpful and informative blog What about our daughters. I asked it in relation to the horrendous rape of a Black woman at the hands of some young Black men.

Do we Only Care About Racism?

Over the last few months, I am coming more to the conclusion that we may show up when race is a factor. We know how to deal with that issue. But the original sin of sexism is still strong in our community.

Yes the rap culture is showing us a nihilism and sexism that seems to be so strong, and we must critique them. But these superstars are not called by God to be prophets. We preachers have no right to critique the sexism of our hip hop brothers while we lay silent while brothers continue to attack our sisters. And more than silence, we are actually defending them in their mess. Domestic abuse and sexual assault is an epidemic in the country and our silence and defense of the perpetrators embolden the offenders.

If there Ain’t a Prophet…What Will Happen?

What is even more horrendous is that we are supposed to be the prophets. Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr. critiqued America on its war in Iraq and the killing of citizens and reminded us that God does not take kindly at the destruction of the weak by the strong. Wright was right to remind us that we cannot forget the weak and the hurting just because they are “collateral damage.” We rightly summoned up the community to speak for the treatment of the Jena 6.

But when a Black woman is sexually assaulted in her home for hours and her son is beaten by a group of Black men and the law enforcement drags their feet brining these men to justice and then our leaders defend the perpetrators….

Today we as preachers have to raise the bar because if we are not careful…

Lord help us, for our Sexism, our Blindness, and our Silence.

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