Matthew 1:18-25

O Come O Come Emmanuel, and Ransom Captive Israel. So goes the Advent hymn. God will be with us. Our story reminds us how this came about. God chose to become human in a way that is at the same time normal and abnormal. God became human by the Holy Ghost impregnating a young woman which is very abnormal. But God came into the world through a woman which is very normal. We all are born of a woman.

God became human and had to be raised by a step-father as more and more of humanity has to deal with. God became human to poor parents as the majority of humanity has to come into the world. God became human as his country was occupied by another powerful nation that was in the middle of nation building. All of this sounds very normal, but this child was not just like any other child. This child had to deal with many of the same issues that we have to deal with, but this child was different. This child was God with us. This child in a sense showed humanity that God has not left us alone.

So to the children that do not have their biological father in the house, God is with you. To the families that are struggling to survive economically, God is with you. To the nations who have an occupying force in their land that do not understand their heritage or traditions, God is with you. Praise God that the abnormal and the normal have united in the little child of Bethleham. God is with us.

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