The Biblical Preaching Blog continues its practical consideration of the preacher’s task by looking at speaker introductions.

It is an interesting question when one has a preacher that is unfamiliar to the congregation. I think that an introduction can be helpful and is perhaps necessary, but often, as Mead of Biblical Preaching notes, can be too long and list too many things.

However the often said, “And the most important thing, the preacher is a child of God” or “A voice in the wilderness” or whatever can be a little off-putting.

The Best Introductions

I think that the best introductions give us a little info about the preacher’s accomplishments, a little about the preacher’s family, and a little about what the preacher is doing now (current position).

Don’t Do This

We will soon enough find out about his or her “preaching prowess” so we don’t need to hear about that. If we want to know more in depth information about the preacher after the sermon, we can always use “Google.”

Finally…Speaking for many preachers…Don’t dig a hole too deep for me as a preacher. The task is hard enough without the one introducing me making me have to live up to being a combination of George Whitefield, Johnathan Edwards, and Martin Luther King.

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