How do you find the perfect sermon illustration? Pastor Sherman Haywood Cox II answers this question in this short audio presentation.

Download the audio at this link.

1 thought on “Audio 30 – Finding the Perfect Sermon Illustration from Your Own Experience

  1. Rev. Joseph Horne,Jr. says:

    Pastor Cox,

    YOU HAVE BEEN SUCH A BLESSING TO ME & MY MINSITRY!! This site is so amazing that it feels like a real seminary. I know the importance of good & responsible preaching and teaching of our Lord’s Word. This site, for me, is as close to a great seminary as I can get to; because I feel that in the part of the U.S. that I’m living in does not have the proper tools to prepare me to practice law (preaching & taching). This site has been a great help. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DEVELOPING THIS SITE!! Be Blessed.

    Yours in His service,
    Rev. Joseph Horne, Jr.

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