In this episode we have a discussion of the principles of African American folk Theology as discussed in the book Soul Theology by Nicolas Cooper Lewter and Henry Mitchell.

We often speak of Black Theology and it is often looking at the works of such theologians as Dwight Hopkins or James cone, but here is a look at the theology of the people in the pew.

Black Preachers need to have a good grasp of Black Folk Theology, this book provides that and this audio summarizes the Black Folk Theological System presented in the book.

Download it here

6 thoughts on “Audio Podcast 7 – Soul Theology

  1. Pastor Frederick D. Harris says:

    I listened to your audio on the subject; “Soul Preaching” and have ordered the book to be part of my library. Very interesting…

  2. David A. Jones says:

    I have this book in my library. It is an excellent resource. We recognize the theology of the pew on an organic, intuitive level; it is good to have this theology fleshed out in a systematic way. An excellent companion piece would be Practical Theology for Black Churches” by Dale P. Andrews, which discusses the dichotomy which exists between the theology of the people in the pew and the theology of the academy. How we address this theological chasm will help determine how the 21st century minister and the 21st century church co-exist, coalesce, and cooperate.

  3. Sherman Haywood Cox II says:

    Thank you for bringing out this book by Andrews. and I do remember reading it in seminary….

    There is a chasm…and if it is gonna be bridged, it is gonna be with the preacher taking these concepts and breaking them down and translating them into the language of the church. It would also help if more of these scholars were church going sho nuff preachers. Folks aini’t wanting to hear no theological lecture during the worship hour…

    But in the end…the bridge is made as careful preachers seek to preach the full counsel of God…

  4. Rev T. Shelton says:

    This is a very good podcast. I must further investigate the book. We need to preach to today, which quite a few of us fail to do.

  5. I listened to this during my morning walk. It was so inspiring, I passed my goal for today. You and your information are my electronic preaching mentors.

  6. Sylvester Warsaw, Jr. says:

    Elder Cox,

    Love the podcast. I remember when I was in seminary in the late 80’s it was my mother who put me in touch with reality and the pew. My mother came to hear me preach one Sunday and afterward’s she said these very poignant words..”Son, you, did a good job. You were well prepared, however, 75% of what you said I didn’t understand, but, that which I understood I agree with.” I failed that Sunday, but, God, showed His mercy to me through my mother by letting me know if a child or the pew can’t understand what’s being preached then you haven’t preached. That’s not saying don’t use our intellect, but, what it is saying is that preaching isn’t an academic exercise. God want us to study and be prepared but He also wants His spoken Word to be understood. Knowing your audience is vital.

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