Over the last couple of months I have added a number of sites to my links section. I wish to highlight a few that I visit often and may be helpful to you.

  • The other day I found the Audio Bible website. This is the entire King James version of the Bible narrated by Alexander Scourby. If you are having issues reading the Bible, why not listen to it at this site.
  • The Biblical Preaching Blog. I visit and comment over there because they have very practical tips on things related to preaching. I would encourage you to go there and see what you find.
  • The Pulpit Pimps Blog. This brother is dealing with much of the excesses of the word faith movement and other preachers whom he calls “pimps.” While he does seem at times to go to some extremes, his does provide a pointer to certain problematic components of a lot of preaching in general and Black Preaching in particular.
  • And my favorite site as of late is the Reformed Black’s of America site. These brothers are seeking to apply the evangelical faith to the problems of Black America while being true to the reformed faith and Black America. Not only are the articles good, but there is some real deep discussion in their comments section. I highly recommend visiting this site.
  • I take my hat off to the Reflections of a Jazz Theologian blog. This brother is seeking to see the Gospel in Jazz and is gaining a following. Go on over and visit his site.

3 thoughts on “Web Pages I am Visiting

  1. Brother Sherman,

    Each of the sites you visited you are connected in some way. Two of three are similar in the areas of theology. I’ve actually visited Pulpit Pimps, and RBA first, then discovered Jazz Theologian. Some good stuff for the African American churches.

    I actually appreciate your mindset and willingness to visit and glean the fruit that’s there.

    I wish more brothers held the mindset, that even if one doesn’t hold the same theological paradigm,we can still gather around the truth being proclaimed.

  2. I didn’t realize it, but now that I look at it they are all evangelical and/or reformed sites. What I love about these particular sites is that they are not happy simply teaching reformed or evangelical theology, but they want to make it applicable to culture.

    Thanks for your comments and continue to visit…

    God Bless….

  3. I certainly agree with your assessment. I appreciate what everyone’s doing. I will continue to visit this site as well.


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