This is getting more painful as time goes on. Now Haggard admits to buying Meth from a gay prostitute. Haggard admits to purchasing illigal drugs, but he does not admit to the sexual relationship that the prostitute alledges. While he admits to purchasing the drugs, Haggard tells us that he did not take the drugs but only threw them away.

I don’t know what happened in this case, but here is another evangelical conservative “family values” leader finding himself involved in some of the actions that he spoke out against. At the very least he purschased illiegal drugs in a compromisiong situation. As time goes on we will learn more and more about this story.

As preachers this story should really hit us. The same gospel that we preach to others will be applied to us all. I hope and pray that the Gospel I preach has the grace that I need to get through the challenging times, even those that I have brought on myself, as well as the ethical edge to call me to the higher life that God desires.

Preachers, as we preach the ethical mandates of the gospel let us always remember the grace of God in our preaching. Let us always remember that that grace belongs to all for we may find ourselves in a situation where the gospel we preach will be applied back to us. At that time I pray that that Gospel will have enough instruction to lead me into righteousness, but also enough forgiveness and grace to help me through any situation.

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