Well, the Apprentice is back and I must admit that this is about the only television show that I look at every week. I am not sure why it is so appealing to me, perhaps it is that we are simply looking at human nature.

Lessons from Apprentice

At any rate the pastoral reflections blog has a post up that gives some lessons that he has learned from the apprentice for finding a pastoral position. First it reminds us that we are simply one applicant among many. Second that different evaluators have very different evaluation methods. Third, that arrogance and pride do in more candidates than anything else. Fourth, that elinmination is the name of the game for the Church. So many candidates they must find a way to eliminate.

Humility Forgives a Multitude of Sins

Well I am not looking for a job, but as a preacher these are interesting points as well. Let us take this weeks episode for an example. First we have Martin who’s arrogance as well as lazyness was dripping off of him, but did he really deserve to go. Next we have the Team leader Frank who didn’t provide signage and that fundamental problems is the reason why they lost. So Trump had to choose between a lazy arrogant professor and a passionate leader who didn’t provide an adequate sign for the job.

You may not be ready, you may have made mistakes, but above all things ask God for humility, it will help others to forgive a multitude of sins.

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