One interesting question came up a little while ago. “Elder Cox, how do you advocate ‘three points and a poem’ while at the same time you advocate ‘one point in a sermon.'”

4 thoughts on “Video – How Do You Preach With One Major Point?

  1. What role does eisegesis play in the preparation,and delivery of a sermon.Is it okay to inject our own ideas in the text, and making it to mean whatever we want? I’m reminded of II Timothy 2:15.May God continue to bless this great service you provide to his yoke men.

  2. I used to have more than one major points in my previous sermons. But, when I was told in the previous video/audio of Pastor Sherman that it’s better to have one major point in a sermon, I immediately adopted it. I now use one major point and getting minor points to substantiate the major point. There’s some good comments I received from the congregation since I used one major point only. Thanks and God bless!

  3. Sylvester Warsaw, Jr. says:

    Thank you, Elder Cox, for your willingness to teach. I agree and am an advocate of the one point sermon with sub-points that add flesh to the one point. If you have more then one point then I suggest preaching a series. There isn’t anything wrong with preaching from the same text as long as you’re being lead by the Holy Spirit and you don’t labor to long in that passage.

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