christianlivingsiteA little while ago Dr. Robert E. Baines, Jr sent me a message about his website that will help preachers and Bible teachers. I asked him to write an article that would introduce my readers to his ministry. His article is below:

Providing you with quality and helpful Christian living information is the mission of the Christian Living Site ( There you will find a free booklet on “How to Encourage Yourself: 21 Practical Tips.” Life changing devotionals, practical Bible study and Sunday School notes, and great articles related to health and finances are provided. A new section is being developed on Baptist Doctrine. If you are looking for quality and helpful Christian living information from a qualified (i.e., spiritually and academically) author and editor that is free, you cannot go wrong with this site

Dr. Robert E. Baines, Jr
Dr. Robert E. Baines, Jr
The owner and chief editor of the site is Dr. Robert E. Baines, Jr. He earned his Doctorate of Ministry degree from United Theological Seminary, in Trotwood, Ohio (2003) and has served as a senior Pastor for twenty years. He is the Senior Pastor of the Southern Baptist Church, in Cincinnati, Ohio ( Daphene Baines, Dr. Baines’ wife, assists him with especially the health section and technical website matters. She holds a Master’s Degree from Wright State University, in Fairborn, Ohio (2004), is a certified fitness instructor (i.e., certified by AFAA and YMCA), and has served on a church staff for twenty years and as a fitness instructor for four years.

This website has grown from simply a hobby and fascination of Dr. Baines to an actual internet ministry. Thousands of people are blessed by the quality and helpful information around the world, including the Russian Federation, China, Germany, and Africa. A portion of the proceeds from the site goes towards the support of a capital campaign at the church that he Pastors and other charitable causes.

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