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The gospel has implications for how we treat others. A vibrant and growing relationship with Jesus Christ will of necessity cause a change in how we treat one another. Simply put, racism, sexism and any other form of inequality demonstrate that there is something missing in either our understanding of or appropriation of the Good News of God’s salvation.

If we have been changed then it will show in our walk. It will show in our talk, it will show in how we treat others. Yes it will show in how we treat the least of these. Great preaching does not leave humanity off the hook. It doesn’t make us feel comfortable “shouting” about the harvest of of financial blessings while little of it leaves our own pockets.

bballhuddlehandsNo great preaching gets on our nerves sometimes. Great preaching reminds us that our Christianity affects who we vote for. It affects who we stand with. It affects who’s cause we are concerned about.

There is a subtle counterfeit that calls us to become separated from others and live our holy life in solitude. In contrast God has called us to be separated by our holy living inside of our communities demonstrating, as Christ did, that the Christian life is poured in the midst of others. Great preaching will always point us to this.

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