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blunt pencil falling behind the rest.Another error that can creep into our preaching is the imprecise point. This is when your point is not clearly defined or presented. Another way this can creep into our preaching is when you have more than one unrelated point. Here the multiplicity of points steals from the people the focus that you want them to have as they live out the implications of the Gospel presented in your sermon.

Have you ever heard a preacher who wonders from point to point. That preacher may be shouting. The people may be shouting, but they cannot live out the truths of the sermon because they cannot remember all of the truth that you have given to them.

In contrast, listen to a powerful preacher who recognizes the need to limit the truth presented. That preacher will give more illustrations and examples. That preacher helps the people to fully understand the truth. That preacher clearly articulates the gospel in the sermon. That preacher is strongly preaching the good news of God. And the people leave knowing what they heard and what they shouted about. They are ready to live the changed life that the sermon pointed to them. And it all came from a precise point.

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