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theory into practice - TIP acronymAnother very common error is to preach a point without making the practical dimensions of the point clear. Here is when the preacher spends much time defining and describing a point, but the preacher really has no concept of how the point can make a difference in our daily lives.

Often Doctrinal sermons fall into this trap. The people leave feeling that they must believe the doctrine, but cannot really understand how the doctrine guides our living.

There is a simple rule that every preacher should keep in mind before preaching anything. This rule will ensure that your preaching will be more effective and relevant. That rule is simply Always apply your sermon to daily living in your sermon. This may be through illustrations, examples, or simply flat out telling the congregation, but if you do not, or cannot apply the sermon to the daily lives of your congregants, then your point is best left in the study.

Please note that I am not saying that we should not teach doctrine or even theoretical subjects. No we must preach these things, my only point is that you must preach the practical implications of whatever you present or you will leave your people in a theoretical fog not knowing exactly how or why you preached the particular subject.

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