Some folks judge the effectiveness of their sermons by how many people are shouting or running down the isle.

Now, there should be an emotional response to our sermons, but if your people only remember they were happy and don’t remember what they were happy about then there is a great issue.

I remember a preacher telling me he was walking the halls during one of the popular preaching conferences and there were preachers practicing whooping. They were whooping “Mary had a little lamb.”

I am sure it sounds good, but your people deserve better than that. Somebody said that your content makes its own gravy, and I agree completely.

Preach a powerful message by doing something that if you have been reading my work for any period of time you have heard me say. I have said, “Let your content do the shouting.”

I ain’t saying you must deliver in a monotone lifeless fashion, but I am saying your content needs to do the heavy lifting and not your vocal skills.

So this next week, I encourage you to let your content do the shouting. Whatever you are preaching about, let your content do the heavy lifting.

One way to ensure that your content does the heavy lifting is to have an adequate exegesis. This is why I wrote the Four Waves of Biblical Exegesis white paper. Check it out at this link:

God bless and keep on preaching!!!