I am showing my age, but I can remember a television commercial where an elderly woman looked at a hamburger that was served to her from a fast food joint and asked the then popular question “Where’s The Beef?”

As I listen to much preaching today, I have to ask myself, “Where’s the Beef?” When people go home with tired limbs from exercising, but without a touched heart, I have no question but to ask “Where’s the Beef?” When members go home telling everyone that “The pastor Sho Nuff Preached” and yet can’t even answer what scripture was used or what was the preacher’s main point, I must ask “Where’s The Beef?”

I love Black Preaching, but I am sick to my stomach of preachers using a whoop to hide a lack of solid engagement with the text. I love black preaching, but it makes me cringe in horror as our noble craft is desecrated by the hands of a hack who has obviously not read the text.

And I am very scared that many of our people don’t have any idea that what they are receiving is pablum and not food. Dear preachers, don’t serve junk. Don’t betray your Lord and Your people and Your heritage by using celebration like that.

Stop it! You are better than that!
God requires more than that!
Your people need more than that!

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