churchinteriorOK, maybe you will, but the law of averages tells us that the vast majority of the people reading this website will not have a mega church. You will, probably never preside over 3-5K parishioners who hang on your every word. But that’s all right.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if you are not over 5K that you are a failure. Don’t fall into the trap of judging your congregation by the size of another congregation. Instead judge yourself by how well you are teaching the word of God. Judge your congregation by its spiritual growth. Judge your congregation by its community impact. Judge your congregation by the love that it shows to itself and others.

Many ministers and churches have inferiority complexes because of size, but lets be honest. How many mega churches are in your city? If you are a reasonable sized city maybe you can count the number with two hands, maybe even one hand. Now ask yourself, how many churches are in your city that are not “mega churches?”  Now ask yourself, are these churches with less than 200 members failures?

Yes you probably will never pastor a mega church. Maybe you won’t even pastor a mini-church. But when you get into that pulpit, you owe it to your God and to the people who are sitting in front of you, to preach it like you are preaching to thousands. Preach the Gospel, promote growth through effective evangelism and methodology, and then leave the increase to God.

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